Sandra Noble Goss

Twice Told

April 4 – 28, 2013


Twice Told

Two artists – a jeweller and a painter – with a tale to tell.

The story begins with Minnie and Annie, “aged 14 and 15 years” and a weathered photograph discovered in a local antique market in Grey County. The photo speaks to both artists and a collaboration forms.

The image draws in both artists to contemplate the two vulnerable yet spunky sisters, clutching each other with affection and perhaps anticipation. The artists see two young women on the brink of womanhood with the rush of possibility on the horizon. Two local girls from a simple, comfortable farm family life, from rural Ontario, perhaps from Grey County. GOSS and MURRAYenvision the sisters finding comfort and support from each other and the strength to venture out of this protected rural setting to search for themselves in the wider world.

Adolescence. Individuation. Temptation. Perhaps a chaperone is required.

The story unravels, as it should.