Judy Martin

The Cloud in Me

October 5 – 29, 2017

My goal is to communicate on an emotional level in all things, including my work. I’d like my work to be seen by the wider world and remembered over time. I am interested in the inner world within each of us.

I prefer to make large stitched textiles, larger than anyone can reach in any direction. Although these have what might be termed a minimalist aesthetic, they are made up from many unique small hand made parts that seem identical, but are not. Both sides of my textiles are the right side. My preferred materials are plant dyed wool, silk and vintage domestic linens.

My background is northern European immigrant and my aesthetic is affected by that and by the isolation of where I have lived in this huge Canada. I grew up in north-western Ontario, child of Finnish and Irish/English parents and went to high school in a pulp and paper town. Now I live on an island renowned for first nation spirituality. As I get older I am more aware of the pioneer generations of my heritage.

The emptiness of Manitoulin Island is embedded in the art I make. I believe that my work is informed by the spirituality and the timelessness that surrounds me every day. Isolated from the urban is a conscious choice.