Maryanne Cain

13 Stations

March 1 – 25, 2018

“This isn’t the work that I would have liked to present to you at this point in my life but it is the work that I need to present. “Before there were Words” there was abuse, sexual abuse. These “Stations” are an expression of the long road to reclaiming myself: a self that was stolen from me at the beginning of my life. It is my attempt to convey to you the emotional effect of sexual abuse on children.

When there is no escape, you repress the things that are too hard to live with, but the fear does not go away. It can become debilitating, leading to a lifetime of mental anguish, often a feeling of wanting to run away, longing for something, but you don’t know what, feeling shame, guilt, mistrust, not knowing why.

This exhibit is about my need to honour my childhood self, my struggle to survive, to honour the suffering of countless others like me now, and throughout human history, to let them know that we are not alone, to be our witness, to share our truth. I was voiceless, helpless and I forgot. Now I remember and I can speak the unspeakable. Change starts with acknowledgement.”