Jim Thomson

Familiars: recent ceramics

November 1 – 25, 2007

“Within my daily reconciliations I can shape my perceptions to either block or allow acknowledgments of some experiences that are beyond my normal understanding. My latest body of work is titled Familiars and although not readily identifiable, these sculptural forms are familiar in their domestic scale and almost recognizable in their implication to a vaguely specific function. The perception of the Familiars can vary in many ways since their shapes defy the conventions of in, out, front, back, up, and down and allow their positioning to invite various interpretations of their meaning. Depending on the positioning, a Familiar may reflect a vessel form with its associations with utilitarian function, if flipped around may introduce strong architectural elements signifying structure, purpose, and situation, or if turned over to reveal a small opening to an inner space may hint at a psychological component. By using the elements of colour, shape and pattern in the least referential way I’m hoping that the Familiars will naturally engage the viewer in their own experience of the work. This kind of experience parallels the synchronicity of material, function, and convention involved in the conceptual part of the work and I believe innate to the practice of craft.”

May 8, 1953 – April 24, 2013