Margaret Ballantyne

Landscape Variations

September 20 – October 14, 2012

Landscape in the pattern of the woven cloth has been my focus for many years. Most recently the exploration is done by painting geometric shapes on two landscape grounds, slitting the canvas and weaving them into a single whole. These painterly surfaces are combined by the craft of weaving. As these images are woven together the pattern and colour juxtapose foreground and background. The patterns flow together developing depth at one moment and then pulled together simultaneously onto the picture plane. Traditional patterns of multi-harness twill weaving by Jocob Angsladt are used to generate the pattern in these complex surfaces. There is a dialogue between 19th century weaving patterns, geometric and landscape imagery painted on canvas in 21st century contemporary colour. Pure colour is overlaid with transparent wash and interference colours. The brilliance of each woven piece remains essentially a subtle arrangement of the painted surface on woven canvas. These bold designs are then rewoven into a theoretical position on the relationship of art, design and the craft of weaving.